Grill Specs


Roasting Hood: Die Cast Aluminium
Body Finish: Die Cast Aluminium
Color: Darth Vader Black
Dimensions with side shelf
extended (WxDxH):
40.51in x 20.47in x 19.25in
1029mm x 520mm x 489mm

Ignition: Electronic ignition
10,000 BTU
Main Burners: 1 x Stainless Steel
Output: 11 MJ/h

Cooking Surface Finish: Autonomous
Spaceport Cooking Surface (ASCS)
Cooking Surface: 
Imperial Cast Iron
Cooking Grid with Star Wars meat branding
Cooking Surface Area:
 220 sq in /1419 sq cm

Temperature Gauge: TIE Fighter Design
Side Shelf: Solar Array Wings (Cast Aluminium)
Support & Legs: Tie Fighter Main View Point,
Tractor Beam Landing Collar (Cast Aluminium)
Carton Dimension (LxWxH):
24.80in x 20.27in x 19.13in
630mm x 515mm x 486mm 
Overall Weight: 45.6lbs / 20.7kgs 

Collector Cards:
1 x TIE fighter Grill Metal Certificate
8 x Star Wars Trading Cards